9th International Symposium
on Ecosystem Behavior
August 20-24, 2017


9th International Symposium
on Ecosystem Behavior

August 20-24, 2017
Litomyšl Chateau, Czech Republic

You are cordially invited to BIOGEOMON 2017, held at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Litomyšl, Czech Republic.

Dear BIOGEOMON Participant,

Here is some last-minute information that you may find useful on the day of your arrival.

The pre-paid BIOGEOMON coach from the Prague airport will depart from outside Terminal 1, the outer traffic isle in front of exit D-E, on Sunday, August 20, at 1:00 PM. A second BIOGEOMON coach (also pre-paid) will depart from the Prague Main Railway Station also at 1:00 PM. The Main Railway Station ("Hlavni nadrazi") is located on line C of the Underground ("Metro"). There is a busy motorway just in front of the historical train station building (above the roof of the modern terminal hall). Our bus will stop near the motorway in the uphill direction, i.e., at the lane more remote from the old building, close to modern glass domes (see photo). A third BIOGEOMON coach will pick up the participants of the Prague Package at Kolej Komenskeho, Parlerova 5, also departing at 1:00 PM. This coach will stop at the Main Railway Station at about 1:20 PM to pick up the remaining ca. 20 pre-paid delegates.

Coach stop at the Prague Main Train Station Coach stop at the Prague Main Train Station
Upon arrival in Litomysl, the BIOGEOMON coaches will make three stops: At the Chateau (Registration & Sessions, a short walk to most hotels), at the Gardeners Dormitory (10 minutes from the Registration), and at the Teachers Dormitory (20 minutes from the Registration). You decide if you first want to register, or to drop off your luggage at the dormitory (in which case please print out the Litomysl map to find your way back to the Registration).

How to get from the Prague airport to the Main Train Station: Bus no. 119 stops in front of both terminals, one ticket costs 32 crowns (validate the ticket on the bus). Go to the end stop at Nadrazi Veleslavin. Change to the underground, interchange at Muzeum from line A to line C, and go one more stop to Hlavni nadrazi. Alternatively, use the Airport Express (AE) bus to reach the Prague Main Railway Station ("Hlavni nadrazi"). AE stops outside Airport Terminal 1, at a traffic isle in front of exit F. Buy a 60-crowns ticket from the driver.

Trains depart from Prague, the Main Station, every 20 to 30 minutes, and arrive at Ceska Trebova (see schedule at the end of this text). You can buy train tickets on line at

To get from Ceska Trebova to Litomysl (12 km), please use either commercial taxis, or the BIOGEOMON shuttle. On Sunday, the BIOGEOMON shuttle will depart from the Ceska Trebova Train Station once every 90 minutes between noon and 7:00 PM, and will make 3 stops in Litomysl: at the Registration (Chateau), at the Gardeners Dorm, and at the Teachers Dorm. Most hotels are located within a 5-minute walk from the Chateau. BIOGEOMON staff will be present at the Ceska Trebova train station to assist you on Sunday between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM.
For a taxi, you will need the street address of the dormitory.
  • Gardeners: Internat zahradické skoly, ulice T.G. Masaryka, cp. 650 vedle gymnazia;
  • Teachers: Internat pedagogicke skoly, ulice Strakovska 1071.
Please print the attached city map to find your way from the dormitory to the Registration.

The cost of the BIOGEOMON shuttle is 10 Euro or 260 Czech crowns per person.

Pre-paid budget accommodation:

Our English speaking assistants will be available in both dormitories between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM on Sunday.

Breakfast at both dormitories is included (7:30 to 8:15 AM; lower floor at the Teachers, upper floor left, "Klubovna", at the Gardeners).

The Registration desk (in the building adjacent to the Chateau) is open between 3:00 PM and 10:00 PM on Sunday. If you arrive at Ceska Trebova late in the evening, call the taxi companies at +420-722448844, +420-777004400 or +420-602248008. You may also use our hot lines (cell, +420-602124115, +420-724344118), and we will forward your request to the Czech speaking taxi company.

We will appreciate if you register at your earliest convenience and sign up for one of the Sunday afternoon Chateau tours with an English-speaking local guide. At registation, you will receive your free Chateau tour ticket. Please present this ticket to the Tours Coordinator in the registration area. She will schedule you for a specific group. The Chateau tours on Sunday start at 4:30, 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00 PM, each can have up to 35 participants. (There will be more Chateau tours for us during the week, but those will during lunch breaks, or may partly coincide with the poster session).

Also during registration, please consider making a booking for Monday dinner at the symposium venue (6:00 to 7:45 PM; price 10 Euro). We have a concert on Monday at 8:00 PM; Litomysl is a small town, and local restaurants cannot manage to serve 330 dinners to walk-in guests on time for the concert.

Speaker ready room will be open on Sunday between 4:00 and 7:00 PM in Lecture Room D. You may also send us your ppt presentation through your registration card in advance. Posters can be up to 171 cm high and 98 cm wide.

The Opening Ceremony will start on Sunday at 7:30 PM in the Holy Rood Church near the Registration area.

The Welcome Reception will start just after 8:00 PM directly in the Chateau.

City map Litomysl City map Litomysl
Great thanks, and have a safe trip. We are looking forward to welcoming you at BIOGEOMON 2017!

Martin Novak
On behalf of BIOGEOMON Organizers

Departure from Prague (Sunday, August 20, 2017) Arrival at Ceska Trebova
10:22 11:55
10:48 12:17
10:55 12:48
11:22 12:55
11:44 13:13
11:55 13:48
12:22 13:55
12:48 14:17
12:55 14:48
13:22 14:55
13:44 15:13
13:55 15:48
14:22 15:55
14:44 16:13
14:48 16:17
14:55 16:48
15:19 16:52
15:22 16:55
15:44 17:13
15:55 17:48
16:22 17:55
16:44 18:13
16:48 18:17
16:55 18:48
17:19 18:52
17:22 18:55
17:44 19:13
17:55 19:48
18:22 19:55
18:48 20:17
18:55 20:48
19:22 20:55
19:44 21:13

Departure from Ceska Trebova (Thursday, August 24, 2017) Arrival at the Prague Main Station
16:05 17:39
16:14 18:03
16:42 18:12
17:05 18:39
17:14 19:03
17:38 19:06
18:05 19:39
18:14 20:03
18:42 20:12
19:05 20:39
19:14 21:03
19:38 21:06
20:05 21:39
20:38 22:09
20:41 22:12
Dear Colleagues,

We invite bids to organize BIOGEOMON 2020 and BIOGEOMON 2023. Ideally, the next meeting shoud take place overseas, and return to Europe 3 years later. If you wish to express interest to become future BIOGEOMON organizers, please send me a short message at We would be happy to announce the venue for the next BIOGEOMONS at our Closing Ceremony, on Thursday, August 24, 2017. Great thanks.

Martin Novak, on behalf of the past organizers
Dear Delegates,

Mid-symposium field trips are one of BIOGEOMON's cherished traditions, with almost everyone participating. They are intended to promote interaction of scientists from different countries, and interchange of new research ideas. Please consider signing up for one of six Wednesdays field trips, if you have not done so. If you have already submitted your registration form and wish to order extras, just send an e-mail to

Thank you.