9th International Symposium
on Ecosystem Behavior
August 20-24, 2017

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Please prepare your abstract as a Word document in English, using the Arial font.


Use bold Arial 16 point, capitalize only the first word and proper names. Do not center the title.


Use normal Arial 12 point font with the first and last name all capitalized, with number superscripts to associate names with institutions. Give the city and country, do not give the full street address and postal code. Underline the name of the presenter. Give e-mail of only one author, immediately following his/her affiliation.

Body text

Use normal Arial 10 point font, and single space. Maximum 600 words, including references, but excluding title, authors and affiliations.

Please do not include figures and tables.


References are not mandatory. In the body text, number your references in superscripts like in chemistry journals. At the end of the text, list your references (normal Arial 10 points) as follows:

1Deleuze C. et al. 1997. A transport model for tree ring width. Silva Fennica 31, 239-250.

Please do not include project numbers/acknowledgements.

Complete the Abstract Submission Form here, and submit your abstract(s) though this form.